Can you add a heat pad or heat tape under these cages on a thermostat?

Can these cages take extreme humidity like for rainforest frogs/amphibians?

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How to mount my Fogger

Can I modify my Leap habitat?

What happens if a part of my habitat breaks?

How can Leap habitats be so durable when they are so lightweight?

How can I prevent the clear door on my Leap habitat from scratching?

Are heat lights safe to use with my Leap habitat?

How long should my lights be on?

How do I clean my habitat?

Is my Leap habitat recyclable?

How long will my Leap habitat last?

How should I plant my Leap habitat?

Can I use any soil for my substrate?

How deep should my substrate be?

How do I know which size Leap habitat to get

What type of water should I use to mist my animals with?

How do I know how much to mist my animal?