How do I know how much to mist my animal? How much to mist your animal will vary greatly depending on the species and the climate of the room you keep your Leap habitat in. In general, animals from tropical climates will be misted more than animals for arid habitats. It is important to remember that even desert animals benefit from a dawn misting to simulate natural dew that would occur in their habitats. It is usually more humid at night so we usually recommend misting in the evening one hour before lights out and again at dawn. You can also mist a third time in the middle of the day if your room is dry (below 50% humidity). We usually mist for approximately one minute per session. It is very important to keep an eye on your substrate so that you do not over water. If your drainage layer starts to fill with water, reduce the duration of your misting. Monitoring and adjusting your misting sessions throughout the year is an important aspect of reptile husbandry. Please see our care guides in the Leap Library for species-specific recommendations.